Why Should I Choose eHUub as a Freelancer?

There is no secret anymore that nowadays a freelancer can choose from a large range of platforms that allow him/her to submit their work or search for new jobs. However, every platform has its own features, which makes it more or less profitable for a freelancer.

The owners of eHUub are constantly trying to improve their policies and provide their users the best experience they can have. For this reason, eHUub has certain characteristics that will please any freelancer and contribute to the quality of the platform. Let’s see why a freelancer should choose eHUub.

No commission or fee

First and foremost, the experience of a freelancer who uses eHUub is definitely improved by the fact that this platform does not charge any commission or fee from freelancers with respect to services. While completing a task on other similar platforms will cost you a percentage of the final price, here I don’t have to pay anything.

This is a big plus for any freelancing platform, and it is, indeed, one of the characteristics I appreciate the most about eHUub. I am really grateful for this unique feature and I encourage other people to use this website, too.

No matter if you have just started as a freelancer a few days ago or already have a vast experience, not giving a part of the money you earn for each project will definitely not bother you. So why not try to sign up and begin a new experience at eHUub?

Get your money in 7 days

Another problem when it comes to money is the long time you have to wait until getting it. As a freelancer, I don’t always have a steady income, which means that sometimes I need the money as soon as possible after doing my job.

Even though receiving my money on the same day I have completed a task is not an achievable goal, a term such as a month or at least 14 days is a little too much. However, this is a period you usually have to wait for your money when using other freelancing platforms.

But what about eHUub? Here, I can get my money in only seven days after delivering my project, which will allow me to use it much sooner.

You are guaranteed to get your money

As a freelancer, having the guarantee that the buyer will actually pay you for your work is a must. You cannot simply work several days or even weeks on a project and then end up with nothing. This happened to me a few times, and it was awful. But eHUub verifies the buyers and offers 100% paying guarantee if I complete the job according to the terms.

Increase your reliability with eStar

If you want to find out how you can improve your reliability with eStar, you have to know first what it is.

eStar is a rating system created by eHUub. By using this system, customers can rate the documents or services provided by a freelancer. The higher your eStar rating is, the better chances you have to get more projects.

On the search results, the first documents that appear are those with a high rating. This way, potential clients may get to know you only by a simple search. This is another feature that I like very much about this platform.

When a buyer has to choose between two or more freelancers to complete a project, the one who has a higher eStar rating has a significant advantage. Having a better rating proves that I am a serious, hard-working, and trustable freelancer. In fact, the rating is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing anything in the online world because we tend to rely on other people’s experience and learn from that.

Let buyers know your skills

Besides simply mentioning my skills on my profile, a great way of convincing a customer to purchase a document is to let him/her see what I can do. Uploading more documents on eHUub gives me the opportunity of revealing my practical skills so that a client can easily decide if I am the right person to complete his/her task. This way, I can also increase my reliability and get a higher eStar rating.

Get good reviews from your clients

Another wonderful way to boost my credibility is to get good reviews from customers. eHUub is a freelancing platform which allows its users to write reviews, which means that they can express their opinion about any document they buy or read. How is this helpful for me? First and foremost, good reviews will increase my popularity, so that more people will see my profile and documents. Then, these reviews will also be a confirmation that I take my work seriously. But what happens if I receive a negative review? That won’t ruin my work, but rather improve it. Any negative feedback can contribute to better documents, so don’t be afraid of them. As soon as someone has a suggestion or writes a negative review, I edit my text and improve it so I can get better feedback in the future.