What Differentiates eHUub.com From the Rest?

As a company that always tries to stay one step ahead to provide the best services to our clients, we always look at different ways to improve our services on the market. No matter if it concerns job applicants or prospective customers who wish to view or buy the documents on our website, eHUub.com wants to make it so that we’re the most convenient choice for you. This is not only profitable to you, but to us as well. This way, we can all help each other create better environments that lead to the best results.

Competition vs. eHUub.com

In respect to our services, eHUub.com is a place that can be considered unique among the others around the world. We worked hard to create a place that is convenient financially, providing the best features for both freelancers and buyers. This is why we don’t really have any solid competitors on the market (document plus services).

In this case, one may still ask: why should I choose eHUub.com as opposed to any other platform on the market? The answer to that is more of a multitude than a sole reason. For starters, we allow freelancers to post and sell their documents. Also, eHUub.com has unique features which make it easy for the buyers to see the content. We have the Free-Basket Documents where everyone can see the content for free and the Fee-Basket Documents where buyers can see a summary or a screenshot of the document. This enables the customer to assess if the material is adequate for his or her needs before they purchase it.

We also provide other advantages when compared to competitor websites such as Upwork.com or Freelancer.com. One of the strongest points is that there is less commission to be paid on eHUub.com.com for freelancers, sellers and buyers. So there are certain advantages to using us instead of other freelancing websites:

1. Freelancers at eHUub.com

If you are a freelancer at eHUub.com, you will have certain advantages that will strike a difference compared to other sites. For example, at eHUub.com, we do not charge any fees from our freelancers as opposed to other websites such as Freelancer.com that can charge up to 3-4% from their freelancers. Moreover, our freelancers are guaranteed to get their money within 7 days, whereas other platforms can take up to 14 days. We also guarantee 100% payment to the freelancer if the job has been completed according to the set agreement.

2. Buyers at eHUub.com

As a buyer, you have easy access to see a preview of your wanted document. No other competitors are known to provide such features. Also, through this, buyers can also check the documents in order to understand the skills of the freelancers before hiring them. They can also rate the freelancer by using the eStar feature. The signup is also free, and there are no monthly fees to be paid. Buyers of service are only charged on eHUub.com a total of 15% plus 30 cents while the competitors charge up to 20%. Compared to others, eHUub has no hidden fees or subscription costs.

3. Sellers at eHUub.com

The higher the eStar, the less commission a document seller will have to pay. eStar rates the quality of your material by means of correlation, peer approval, admin panel, virality, and revenue. The higher those six stats are, the more visible will your document become. You can increase your eStar by sharing documents for free or sell other materials for money. If you rate others, you will also have an increased rating on eStar.

eHUub.com guarantees that none of the documents are plagiarized, and if the document you requested is by any means plagiarized or doesn’t match the abstract, you are guaranteed to get your money back. If you are searching for a reliable source of knowledge or different other freelancing opportunities, eHUub.com will always have an answer.