What Can eHUub offer me, as a buyer?

If you own a business, need some help with translations, want someone to do an urgent project you cannot handle, need an SEO expert for increasing your web page ranking, etc., you may have thought about hiring a freelancer. This means that you will receive the help you need from a professional or another person who is willing to assist you for a sum of money. Of course, any service has a cost, but how can you be sure you choose the right person or the right freelancing platforms?

Nowadays, as the Internet is filled with all kinds of freelancing platforms, deciding which one to use can be a real challenge. But as a buyer, you have to keep in mind that every platform has its own characteristics. You just have to find the ones that meet your needs and requirements. Here are a few important aspects you should know about using eHUub as a buyer.

Benefit from the lowest fees on the market

As a buyer, I'm always looking at the offer made by the freelancer himself/herself. However, I also know that every platform created for this purpose will charge a particular tax for each service I buy.

Even though this aspect is perfectly normal – because this is how a freelancing platform can be maintained – the percentage of the charge varies a lot. Some platforms charge the buyers up to 20%. What I like most about eHUub is that is has a fee of only 15%. This way, I can get the services I need at a very affordable price, which is a big plus.

No monthly fee

Another common problem encountered by buyers who prefer to use this type of platforms is that they have to pay a monthly fee for their account, even though they may not use it at all for several months. Many consider that it is not fair to charge a person who uses his or her account every day with the same sum as someone who uses it once in a few months.

eHUub solves all these issues through an innovative method: no buyer has to pay any monthly fee. Isn't this great news? It is, for me!

Read an abstract before buying a document

A unique and extremely useful feature of eHUub is that it allows me to read an abstract or a summary of the document before buying it. This means that I can see the style used in that particular text, as well as the freelancer's skills. These aspects are critical when I have to decide whether to buy an article or not, because I can see if it meets my expectations. If not, I can simply search for another freelancer. It's great because I don't have to waste my money on something I don't like or does not suit my needs.

100% money back guarantee

But what happens when the abstract does not match the content of the document itself? Even though this is a rare situation, if this happens, I have the guarantee of receiving my money back. eHUub.com is trying to provide the best customer experience and for this reason, they introduced this aspect in their money back guarantee policy.

Moreover, I can also get my money back if other terms have not been respected. This way, I know for sure what is going to happen with my money when a freelancer does not deliver his work according to the agreement.

Buy from reliable freelancers with eStar

eHUub has introduced an excellent rating system, called eStar, which I like very much. This is designed to help both buyers and freelancers and contributes to a better experience on the platform. When I search for a particular document, the first results will be those that have the highest rating. This way, I can rely on hundreds of other buyers' experiences and be sure that I'm making the right decision.

Moreover, I never have to worry about the style of a freelancer, such as a content writer, because I can read free documents published by him/her before deciding who to hire. This way, I can know for sure if that freelancer is the person I need for my project or not.

If I am looking for someone who has a certain experience in a particular field, I can simply look at the jobs he/she has already completed. I can see what the freelancer has accomplished and, more importantly, what is the feedback he/she received. For every completed job or sold document, I can read the review of the buyer, which will offer me a better perspective on the freelancer's skills, style, ability to communicate, etc. These details will help me determine if he/she is the right freelancer for my task. I believe that these features make eHUub a great freelancing platform for any buyer!