The Unique Features provides Its Users With on eHUub

If you are a professional who is eager to share his/her ideas and earn some extra money by offering freelance services, then, you’ve reached the right place. In case you’re an employer in search of high-quality documents in a certain area, then you've also come to the right platform. No matter what category you find yourself in, you can be sure that is the ideal choice for you.

What differentiates from other freelancing platforms? is a growing knowledge marketplace that encompasses a community of professionals from around the globe, who work in a wide array of industries. This platform includes trading documents, as well as offering other freelance services. aims at ensuring the integrity of every document one may find on the platform, as well as rating the expertise of its users. All these features and more are made readily available for every user who wishes to use

Distinctive options puts at the user’s disposal a range of choices. The first option is that of uploading personal documents which can be available for free (FreeBasket) or for sale (FeeBasket). In both cases, the original author is the only one who can edit the piece. Free documents can be read while those that are for sale have to be purchased. is a platform that facilitates buying and selling documents, allowing you to create professional materials and construct your profile. Why should you become part of this platform? First of all, you can share your knowledge. Plus, as you receive high ratings, you can grow your eStar score and obtain jobs and gain more money.

In the position of a recruiter or employer, you can benefit from finding high-quality documents you may purchase on short notice, as well as hire professionals who can work on a flexible schedule. offers a great feature – it charges buyers 15 percent plus 30 cents for purchasing services, in comparison with other platforms that may charge up to 20 percent. Also, no monthly fee is required, and the platform guarantees the buyer will receive a full monetary refund if the result is not according to the initial requirements.

Furthermore, you should never worry about plagiarism when it comes to, as each document uploaded or sold on this platform is checked first through special software. This way, we make sure that you will get 100% original documents. However, if there is any plagiarized article you will buy here, guarantees your money back.

There are also a lot of benefits for free browsers on our platform, too. For example, any person who accesses can get free qualitative documents and articles to read. As you land on our homepage, you can type into the search bar any keyword you are interested in, and then enjoy our array of free documents. You can also sort them by eStar rating. After reading an article, you are free to rate, review, or share it on social media.

eStar ratings

The eStar rating is a system that establishes the value of both the documents and the user profile on First, the admin will rate each document the user uploads on the platform. Secondly, the users who read or buy a paper may afterward rate it. As the eStar value improves, your rating grows as well, which will make your profile appear up on the search page. This will also mean that you’ll pay less commission as a document seller, and your ratings will have more weight when you score other people’s profile or materials.

By sharing knowledge on, not only can your eStar rating grow, but you may earn more money and experience in your expertise. This way, facilitates your growth as a professional.