How Can The User Increase His/Her eStar - What Difference Does It Make in freelancing?

The freelancing world can be extremely competitive and at times, oversaturated. It is especially daunting for a newbie to try and enter the freelance communities because it seems like everyone else already has the experience and the reviews and you don’t stand a chance. That is exactly why perhaps one of the most valuable, important and anticipated features available on is the presence of the eStar rating system.

What is the eStar rating system?

The eStar rating system is created by eHUub and it is meant to rate users, their documents and the work that they provide. The rating system is an extremely valuable tool for both sellers and buyers because it offers a clear view of the quality of the work of the user and it makes feedback simple to offer. Thus, the eStars have advantages for everyone, and every user can benefit from increasing their eStar rating.

How can having a high eStar rating help you?

Actively trying to get a high eStar rating can seem silly because it can look like chasing likes on Facebook. But unlike Facebook, on, the likes or upvotes are actually helpful. In fact, they can even help you save money.

● A higher eStar rating means your profile and your work shows up higher in searches and on more search engines. This translates to more exposure, more clients, more work and consequently, more money. It also means that you give others the chance to see your profile and like it, thus increasing your rate even more.

● Another benefit is the fact that the higher your eStar rating is, the less money you have to pay on commission. Even though it is free to work as a freelancer on the site, a Document uploader is charged a % sales commission based on his eStar. But as your eStar value increases, your fee decreases.

How can the user increase their eStar?

So, if so much depends on the users’ eStar rating, how can they increase it? Increasing the rating is easy and straightforward, and it almost requires no dedicated effort. There are several ways in which you can grow your eStar value:

● The Admin panel grants you a manual rating. This can be achieved if you work on editing the eStar policy page.

● Liking or disliking someone’s profile, documents, or work is called peer approval. Your eStar rating will increase depending on how many people like you and how high their personal rating is.

● Your documents can go viral, if people share them on social media and more people like them, in return. This will also help your eStar rating grow.

● Selling documents adds revenue back to the eHUub platform, which then turns into eStars for you.

● Remember that your profile and document eStar ratings are connected, so they each depend on the other. A highly rated profile means highly rated materials, and the other way around.

All in all, the eStar rating system is a useful innovation that helps everyone. It’s in every user’s interest to increase their eStar rating because it has so many advantages. The best part of the system is that anyone can grow their score gradually and consistently, by putting out good work, high-quality content and making sales. Sellers and buyers are both at an advantage, as they each get something they want and need with the help of the system.