eStar - A Rating System Helpful for Both Freelancers and Buyers

eHUub guarantees the integrity of the professionals that choose this platform, as well as of the resources they offer. That is made possible through eStar, an innovative rating system. It's important to get acquainted with the way in which this system functions so that you comprehend what sets apart from other freelancing platforms.

Understanding the eStar rating system

To put it simply, eStar is a system that rates the value and quality of the expertise of the user. This useful approach scores both to user profiles and documents.

Its value ranges from 0 to 300. A score between 0 and 100 equals an active status, from 100 to 200 - plus, and 200 to 300 - super. New users will begin with an eStar rating of 0. But, the question is - why should one aim at having a higher eStar rating? Typically, the higher the eStar rate, the upper one would appear in the search results. Appearing first on the search results page enables the freelancer to obtain more jobs. At the same time, when the user with a high eStar score will rate another user, his/her rate will have a significant importance. One advantage users with high eStar rating will benefit from is paying less commission when selling documents.

As one can see, having a great eStar score is genuinely helpful when using Which makes us move on to the next question - how do you get a higher eStar rating?

How to get a higher eStar rating?

● Correlation
The user's eStar rating will be imminently affected by his/her document eStar rating.

● Peer approval
Peer support measures the way in which a particular piece was received by other users. Of course, the level of expertise of the user who has rated the document matters a lot as well.

● Admin panel
That refers to a manual rating that is given by the admin panel. The rating guidelines are readily available on the official site.

● Virality
The moment a document or profile will go viral, both the profile and document eStar rating will go up on the chart. One can aim at making that happen by posting articles on social media platforms, blogs and so on and so forth.

● Revenue
That refers to the money generated to when users sell documents on the platform.

All these steps contribute to benefiting from a range of advantages as an user. How does it work?

Hypothetically, if an user browses on the platform and encounters your profile, views your uploaded document, and gives it a high rating, this means you'll gain a higher score because the rating has grown. At the same time, if you promote your documents and profile on social media profiles or blogs, that will contribute to a more substantial number of visitors on your page.

In a nutshell, the eStar rating system will calculate your rating by the enumerated factors. This way, you can gradually, but steadily increase your eStar.

On the other hand, for a buyer, this system is useful because it provides him/her relevant information about both articles and users. You can rely on the previous experience of other customers, and choose high-rated documents or freelancers for your projects. Moreover, you don't need to check every article for its eStar rating as you search a certain topic but opt for an eStar selection from the start. This way, the highest rated documents will be displayed on the results page.

Our goal is to encourage users to be a part of our rating mechanism, making sure we meet your expectations.