- The Perfect Alternative For Full-Time and Part-Time Freelancers

Over the last few years, freelancing has become a profitable way of earning a living. Basically, anyone who has a marketable skill can become a freelancer and sell their expertise online. To this end, all kinds of freelancing platforms were made to create a space where freelancers could offer their work, and buyers could search for a talented individual that can help them with what they need.

The problem with freelancing platforms

However, the problem is that not all these platforms are trustworthy, and most of them charge a sizable commission for both sellers and buyers. To freelancers, especially, that can be debilitating. Not to mention the lack of security and protection when it comes to making money transactions - very few companies guarantee that you will receive your rightful payment.

There was a distinct need to fill this gap in the market and to create a platform for full- time and part-time freelancers where they can exhibit their skills and make a living, with no strings attached and hidden fees. That is why was set up and why their innovative system is so much better for freelance professionals everywhere.

The perfect alternative for freelancers

The first thing to note about is the fact that, unlike most other comparable freelancing platforms, it does not charge freelancers a single cent. Offering your work on the website is completely free and without commissions, while other platforms will ask for a commission between 3% and 4%. Even buyers are advantaged, because they pay an 8% fee, as opposed to 20%, like on other platforms.

Another aspect that makes one of the best freelancing platforms is the fact that they bring innovation to the field. The possibility to upload documents is completely new and unique to the website, and it allows a freelancer to either allow their documents to be viewed by everyone for free (available in the Free Basket) or to be sold (available in the Fee Basket). In addition, gives users the ability to work on free Wiki edits, which they can also use to their advantage.

The eStar system

This is possible thanks to their special eStar system of rating. Freelancers are rated on a scale. A freelancer’s eStar rating can be increased with a number of different methods, including:

● Peer approval
● Admin panel
● Viral content
● Sales

The advantages of having a high eStar rating are that you benefit from paying a lower commission as a document seller and your profile shows up at the top of the search.

A platform open for skills and expression is not just great because of the financial advantages it offers, but also because it welcomes a variety of different skills and talents, from writing and social media to SEO, video, business, internet marketing, and many others. This new platform is an excellent alternative to the limited world of freelancing, where websites charge you high fees and don’t offer you protection.

In conclusion, is a good alternative to the existing freelancing platforms that people normally use. Unlike the others, supports the growth and success of all the freelancing users that are on the platform. Moreover, all the features available are created with their needs in mind. Everything is set up to benefit part-time and full-time freelancers and make it easy and profitable for them to market their skills and make a living. With, all the parties are satisfied and appropriately compensated for the work that they do.