Charges Less Commission Compared With Other Freelancing Platforms

In recent years, freelancing has become more and more profitable. Whereas before you couldn't reliably count on it as a source of income to sustain yourself, it is now possible to make enough money by just offering your products, assistance, talent, or expertise. This is made easier by the existence of online websites allowing freelancers to advertise and sell their skills. However, the only downside is that these websites often take a significant commission out of the freelancers' payment, which can be problematic for a person who does not have a steady, confirmed source of income.

Not all freelancing platforms are created equal

No one wants to work that hard, only to have a significant percentage being taken away. That's true for people seeking work from freelancers, as well, since they are the ones usually getting charged a hefty percentage. Hosting on the platform should be paid, but a balance is necessary so that all the parties involved are compensated fairly and are happy with the partnership. But not all such websites are made equal. Comparatively with other popular freelancing platforms, charges less commission.

Freelancers are not charged at all

In fact, as a freelancer, you are not being charged a single cent. While other competing freelancing platforms will charge a freelancer offering their work a percentage of around 3% to 4%, charges 0%. As a freelancer, you do not have the obligation to pay anything to the platform. Basically, hosting freelancers is completely free of charge at

Buyers are charged less than on other platforms

Buyers are known to typically be charged significant percentages, with some platforms going as far as asking for 20%. That can be viewed to be excessive, especially considering the fact that only charges their buyers 15% plus 30 cents. That's the entire cost, and there are no subscription fees, concealed charges, or any other kind of scheme to make buyers pay. Our competitors charging up to 20%. has a special system for a special feature

Among the innovations is bringing to the table, there is the feature of selling documents on the platform. No one has ever done this before in the industry, so this is brand new and unique, and it benefits all users. Not only is there an option to upload documents for sale (in the Fee Basket), but you can also upload them for free (in the Free Basket). Now, as a Document seller, you are paying a fee to the platform, but that commission can be decreased through the eStar system. The eStar system is another feature that indicates the value of the document to the users and it allows Document sellers to earn eStars and thus, increase their value and desirability. The higher your eStar rating is, the lower the commission you pay to the platform is. But how can you improve your rating? There are a few different ways:

● Your profile also has an eStar rating and the rating of your documents will be correlated with your profile score. The higher your profile rating is, the higher your document rating will be.
● Peer approval is when someone likes or dislikes your page. Depending on the expertise level of the users liking or disliking, your eStar rating can go up or down.
● Every user receives a manual rating from the Admin panel. There are certain guidelines they have to respect.
● Sharing your documents can help them go viral, which increases your eStar rating, both for your profile and materials.
● Every time you make a sale, eHUub makes money as well, and this revenue is rewarded with eStar points.

All in all, has demonstrated to be a competitive and highly profitable platform for both buyers and sellers, charging less commission than any other competitor platform.