eHUub is an online Knowledge Marketplace & your smart workplace where you can buy ready-made professional documents or hire freelancers to do the Jobs as per your need.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses or large business companies can hire top-rated professionals for your project and get to your goals faster by making strong team. Professionals and freelancers can use eHUub to sell their documents or feature them for free viewing and grow their careers.


Leverage our globally accessible network to view free or buy documents, drawings, graphic designs, business plans, video training and most other types of professional files.

Our growing Smart Workplace offers users a community of professionals operating from across the world in a variety of industries.

eHUub provide a platform to freelancers to trade documents as well as a place for professionals to get freelancer jobs. Our community rates each user's expertise, and helps ensure the integrity of every single document that enters our database.

eHUub is the place where clients can see the work of freelancers, understand the things by sending them messages before hiring them.

eHUub also a place for students, researchers, writers etc to look for free documents, research available as free user. If free user like a document he can hire freelancer to get similar document for him/her.

eHUub is proud to be one of the first ever Public Benefit Corporations to incorporate within the State of Delaware. A Public Benefit Corporation balances interests of owners with those of employees, the general public and the environment. They operate in a responsible and sustainable manner and commit their organization to the greater benefit of the society.

Our Smart Workplace is committed to the growth of individuals and society. eHUub is the smart workplace which offer 50% less fee to clients from our competitors. We not only provide a place but help our clients and freelancers to grow in every way.

Check our current categories list here: and check "Browse by category" to see complete list. If you don't find what you are looking for, email us at and we will match you with the right professional.

It is our innovative way of rewarding professionals who contribute quality documents or high quality professional services (Freelancing).

We count how many views and likes each document garners and assign eStar Rating to each document and its author. The higher the eStar value, the better it is. Higher eStar means the document or freelancer is popular and it can be achieved by promoting profiles or documents to social media.

FreeBasket documents are available to the public free of cost. You will need to register as an eHUub user in order to read these documents. You will find research, articles, case studies, presentations etc in this basket.

FeeBasket documents are uploaded by eHUub users, and require payment in order to be accessed. These documents have preview files available.

Freelancers must need to add preview files, screen shots of the content so the buyers can see preview files before buying to get full document.

Document buyers can be students, business owners, researchers etc. They can preview the document files to get to know what the document is about so they can buy to get full document.

The user uploading the document receives the profit and retains proprietary over the document. Only the original author can edit this document. You can browse Feebasket documents here.

Yes. We employ state of the art SSL security and HTTPS protocols to ensure your data is protected. Both eHUub users and the greater online community can view the summary of any document (FreeBasket or FeeBasket) and freelancer profiles existing on eHUub.

All sorts of information are valuable and we provide best security to every document, profiles, and payment information.

The documents and profiles are also accessible to search engines such as Google and Bing. However, only buyers can see the content of FeeBasket documents. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details:

eHUub encourages sharing and fairness. We do not permit plagiarism or copyright infringement of any kind. All documents on eHUub pass through rigorous electronics and manual verification process before they are made available to the public.

Before using eHUub, please read our legally binding Terms and Conditions ( If you see any document that violates this policy, please contact us immediately at

For Sellers (Freelancers)

Your Smart Workplace is the ideal way to earn additional income and network with other professionals. eHUub creates a new and viable marketplace for users across the globe.

Professionals that have spent years acquiring the expertise and drafting documents can upload and sell their work online for profit via eHUub. Users can also upload documents to share their knowledge with other users for free to receive feedback, build their profile, or trade documents with another professional. Students, professionals, educators and users from all backgrounds can utilize eHUub to expand their influence and income.

Just register on eHUub, complete your account details, and you are ready to sell your documents or access the FeeBasket. For creating a FeeBasket document, click the "Create new document", fill in the document's title, topic and other details, and check on "FeeBasket" option when selecting Document/File Type. Your document will appear under the Buy Knowledge category here.

We understand your concerns about not being paid for your documents and services. On the other hand, we hear from buyers that they are primarily concerned about the quality of the document/service they get. Remember; buyers cannot access your document/service before they pay.

To solve this chicken-and-egg problem, we implement an escrow system. Buyers pay 100% of the document price before they access it. We hold the money for one week. If the buyer has any complaint, s/he need to let us know within this period. If there is no complain, we will send you the money (minus eHUub commision). If there is a dispute, we will communicate you via email.

We follow a similar approach for services: buyers pay 100% of the milestone for fixed price services and 100% of one week work for hourly contracts before you start the job. We wait for one week after you submit your work to your client. If there is no dispute within this period, we will send you the money.

The best strategy to avoid disputes is to have a clear understanding of the job, communicate clearly with your client and deliver best-quality work. Your client will love you!

You will receive payments via PayPal or RIA.

RIA is a global money transfer service that allows you to receive payments in your local currency anywhere in the world. RIA has a global network of more than 230 agents in more than 130 countries, including the locations where PayPal service is not available. You will receive an email when your payment is sent. You can find Ria location closest to you here:

Setting up your payment method is really simple. Just go to the Billing page and complete your account details for the payment method that you prefer. Withdrawal fee applies.

One week after you sell document or service, provided that your client hasn't lodged a dispute.

If you are bidding jobs, you will be hired on Fixed price or per hour base. For fixed price as your job finished or milestone completes you will send the report, client will approve and your payment will be in your Wallet.

For per hour jobs, as the week finishes, you will send your weekly report of work, client will approve within 7 days and your money will be in your wallet. If disapprove or dispute the Management of eHUub will take 7 days to make a decision.

Write high quality documents, share them on your social media channels, as well as eHUub's Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. The more views and likes your documents get, the higher your eStar will be. The higher your eStar is, the more people will see you as an expert in your field. You will also pay lower commissions on the documents you sell If you have high eStar rate.

Search results depend on eStar values. As your eStar improves, you will appear higher on search results.

As a document seller, If your Rating as author is zero, you pay 25% commision. If your Rating as author is 5, you pay 15%. If your Rating as author is between 0 & 5 you pay according to this formula (-2*your_rating_as_author + 25)/100 in percentage.

Freelancers don't pay anything for services. The price you see when you apply is the amount you will get. No cut. 100%.

Freelancer sellers should set the price $25 or higher for documents. You can go as high as you think your document is worth.

eHUub has two payment option for sellers: Paypal and RIA cash collection. If you are withdrawing by Paypal the fee is 4%, and if you are withdrawing by RIA its $7.

You can withdraw your money when the available funds in your account Wallet reach $25.

For Buyers

We understand that you, as a buyer, are mainly concerned about the quality of the documents & services you are buying. On the other hand, sellers, freelancers are concerned whether they will get paid even when they do the job right!

To solve this chicken-and-egg problem, we implement an escrow system. As a buyer, you pay 100% of the document before you can access it. We hold the money for one week. If you have any complaint, you will need to contact us via If we don't hear from you within this period, we will release the funds to the freelancer. Any dispute reported after one week is void.

We follow a similar approach for services: buyers pay 100% of the first milestone for fixed price services and 100% of one week work for hourly contracts before freelancers start the job. We wait for one week after your freelancer submitted the work and activated the milestone. If there is no dispute within this period, we will pay the freelancer. Again, any dispute reported after one week is void.

The best strategy to avoid disputes is to have clear understanding of the job and communicate clearly your expectation with the freelancer prior to start of work/transaction.

Browse available documents here. You can choose as many as you want and proceed to checkout. If you don't find what you are looking for, please email as at and we will find a professional who will be happy to write one for you.

If you find what you are looking for, check the screenshots to verify that the document matches your need. After you've made the payment, you can either download the document or receive it in an email.

Users accessing FeeBasket documents have the freedom to pay through PayPal and all major credit-cards. Every document purchase has a processing fee, which is 2.7% plus 30 cents, which buyer will be pay.

For hiring freelancers all major credit cards are accepted with processing fee.

You can hire freelancers either by going to your selected category, looking at the authors of the documents, and inviting them directly. Alternatively, you can search for freelancers with the required keywords (e.g. project manager, technical writer, Python programmer, etc) invite them or hire them for the jobs.

The best way is to post the job, while posting job search freelancers from right hand side, invite them by clicking "+" sign and post the jobs. Freelancers will get invitations, as they apply, discuss terms with them and hire them for your projects.

eHUub charges clients flat 9% plus 30 cents on all services hired either fixed or per hour projects. eHUub's fee is 50% lesser than our competitors'.

eHUub has a minimum price limit, which is $15 for fixed jobs. The weekly budget for per hour projects should be minimum $15 or above (number of hours X hourly rate should be greater than 15) i.e (5 hours weekly X $3 per hour = $15).