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I am digital signal processing expert.

I work in the IT space and enjoy learning, sharing

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Electronics Board Layout for Motor Drives(wiki) - 190
Posted by Selamsew-Worku

This paper demonstrates specific layout techniques applied in a motor control Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is required to meet More stringent mechanical and electrical specification. Starting by the overall PCB realization process overview, it shows step by step how each technique is applied to achieve the requirements. Less

Key points of analysis and operations for Social media marketing(eHUub's FreeBasket®) - 102
Posted by asadzeeshan

This documents tells about the key elements, points of analysis for social media marketing


I’m a retired officer and what I do now is, I read stuff over the net, surf it and save it to write my own point of view. eHUub made it easy! I can find relative data by professionals from all over the world on a single well-structured website and even upload my work.  All in one, that is what I’ve been looking for! I would recommend it to people who want to make use of their time and get knowledge!

Azhar Khan (User)

I am a Tattoo specialist and Fashion designer, I tried to search for website that provides information on how to sell my tattoo designs but was not successful due to lack of professional design selling websites. Last month I saw at Facebook about eHUub’s professional website, I discussed the social media admin of eHUub and what I see is it’s great for me to upload and sell my designs. I really like to see other professionals here, documents and knowledge available

James Glasstone (User)